Why Rent Electricity?

Do nothing and you will be paying for electricity as long as you live in your home. You will also pay ever higher rates as inflation, utility business practices and government policies impact those rates.

Or, you can put a stop to the madness!Everett Pennsylvania Install

A Better Way:

Have us design and install a solar energy system for your home or business. When you buy from Green Prepper, your contract price will be much lower than what the regional and national companies offer! Depending on interest rates, and whether you provide a cash down payment and how large that payment is, you may be able to have loan terms of 15, 10, or 7 years, while paying a similar amount to what you are already paying for electricity. All this, while your electric bill is covered by your production, and you take advantage of tax breaks and incentives!

What you typically see from regional and national solar companies:

Solar leases:

Another popular alternative is the solar lease. Solar leases often require no down payment. Nevertheless, lease terms often stretch all the way out to 25 years or more. The extended length of solar leases allows for the lease payment to match your current bill, and to provide great returns for the leasing company. That's not so great for you.

Buying versus leasing provides these two advantages.

  1. You still lock in what you're paying for your power, but you own the system, and reselling your home is uncomplicated by a lease.
  2. You receive the investment tax credit, not the company installing or leasing the system.

Regional and national sales companies:

If you finance a purchase of a solar energy system for your home or business, you can take the amount you're already paying for electricity per month and redirect that payment toward your purchase. National and regional companies will happily set you up with loan terms of 20, 25, even 30 years, with a similar end result, you lock in a payment for electricity that is similar to what you're paying today, but you pay twice as long as you would by buying direct and local from Green Prepper.

Why do large companies charge so much? Contracts from large solar companies have higher marketing costs built in. Advertising strategies that include huge budgets for Google and Facebook advertising, and call center ops, mean more leads, and higher per customer acquisition costs. The average cost of acquiring a customer for solar in the United States is $5,000!


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