Here at Green Prepper, we believe that sustainability, localism and civic responsibility are important, mutual aspects of living well. While survivalist, panic-mode preppers emphasize complete self-sufficiency. Our preferred focus is on community self sufficiency and intra-community cooperation as principles to be held in high esteem. Our purpose here is to advance those causes locally, and network with others who are doing the same. 

In the coming months, you'll see more information about how we can provide for thriving communities, meeting basic human needs for:

If you would like to communicate with us positively about these goals and our mission, we welcome your input.


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NABCEP PV Associate Certification Achieved

Feb 27, 2019

Michael Purnell received notice of achievement of the NABCEP Solar PV Associate certification, based on testing done in January 2019.

DBA Green Prepper

Jan 7, 2019

Greenfield Technologies LLC receives notification that the DBA "Green Prepper" was successfully registered.