Green Prepper installs Solar in South Central Pennsylvania. We are a local company, with local sales, installation and service. Our systems have faster payback than others, because we spend less on advertising as a percentage of our sales. We can offer preliminary quotes via remote analysis, but we will always include a site visit before finalizing. Accurately mapping out your install per site conditions is important.

Did you know it's possible in most cases to pay for your solar installation simply from utility savings? Not only that, but unlike for the inflated costs of solar from other providers, you'll have it paid for while there is still years of life left in your equipment!


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NABCEP PV Associate Certification Achieved

Feb 27, 2019

Michael Purnell received notice of achievement of the NABCEP Solar PV Associate certification, based on testing done in January 2019.

DBA Green Prepper

Jan 7, 2019

Greenfield Technologies LLC receives notification that the DBA "Green Prepper" was successfully registered.